Zinzani Vini

zinzani vini faenza

The Zinzani family

Antonio, the progenitor of the family was a tenant farmer from the Faenza plain who had always had a great desire to own his own farm.

A life full of sacrifices until, involving his family, he buys 6 hectares of land in the hills in a ruined farm.

A farm with an old ruin, which with the savings of a life he begins to tidy up, building his own house, stables and cellar.

It is here that Ruggero, Antonio’s son, begins to take his first steps. Growing up in the countryside and with the passion taken from his father, he dedicates all his energies to the land.

But the first real steps are taken in the cellar, learning all the winemaking techniques from Antonio.

Here he begins to become more and more passionate about the vineyard and the production of wine, taking the decision over time to convert more and more hectares to the cultivation of vines.

Together with his wife Anna, they begin to perfect the production cycle, mechanizing the entire production and refining the winemaking techniques.

If Ruggero is the artisan winemaker, Anna also dedicates herself to the transformation of other products, creating jams, preserves and saba.

His son Marco, who grew up in the company, took over the reins of the business in 2017, introducing technological innovations in the field of winemaking, but always with roots planted in the family tradition.

Today the whole Zinzani family is involved in producing quality artisanal products.

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